Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Imaginary Convos, Imaginary Friends

Sometimes when I'm on vacation I get into a mode where I don't want to get out of bed or go outside much. Unfortunately one can't sleep all the time, and there's always the question of what to do with the rest of the day. Hence the topic of imaginary conversations. I suppose it's odd, but I sometimes entertain myself by spinning out various conversations in my mind as if I were talking with my friends in real life. Fortunately it's occurred to me to write them down and post them in a blog like everyone else. So now I guess I'm normal. Whew.

I talk to different people at different lawyer nephew, my poet friend, my professor from film school, or whoever it may be. Most of them interrupt a lot less than they do in real life, especially the poet. So, since an imaginary conversation was what finally motivated me to start blogging, it seemed fitting to make it the first topic here.

As an aside, it's fairly obvious that the subject of imaginary conversations is going to come up in Imaginary Land once you notice that you're having them. When one of my imaginary friends brought it up today, I immediately said "Like this one?" Which seemed moderately clever at the time, but then I got a jolt when my friend disappeared and I realized that, yes, I really was sitting there all alone in the middle of my own mind. I'm hoping none of them will bring it up again.

Anyway, this process is a little daunting since I can't see you and don't know whether you're actually reading it or whether I'm just imagining that you are. But any chance to take part in a discourse is nice...especially when I don't have to go outside for it.

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